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Your Guide to Choosing Chairmats

Why you need a Marbig Chairmat:

Extends carpet life
Protects from pulls, tears and divots caused by chair castor wear - prevents 'sinking'

Protects hard floor surfaces
Safeguards wood, tile and vinyl floors from scuff marks

Provides smooth mobility, reducing back strain

A range of mats to fit every need

Marbig chairmats are available for both hard and carpet flooring, in different sizes and thicknesses (depending on your carpet pile). Select from a range of colours (transparent, glass clear, frosted or black) and shapes to suit your work space.
Use our Chairmat Selection Guide below to choose the perfect mat for your needs.

Chairmat selection is based on your floor surface to avoid cracking and breaking.

Low Pile Carpet Medium Pile Carpet Any Pile Carpet Hard Floor Surface

Carpeted Floors Low Pile

Carpet less than 6mm thick including underlay

Carpeted Floors Medium/Deep Pile

Carpets less than 12mm thick including underlay

Carpeted Any Pile

Carpet any thickness

Hard Floors

Wood, Tile, Vinyl & Concrete flooring

How far does your chair need to roll? There are 3 different shapes available to fit any location.

 Keyhole Chairmat

Rectangle Chairmat

Contempo Chairmat

For desks with knee holes as it allows chairs to fit under desks as well as movement behind the desk. 

For desks with large underneath areas and high traffic areas (photocopiers, etc).

Smaller footprint for workstation use.


View our range of chairmats here

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