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Your Guide to Choosing Security Solutions

You may demand a premium lock for the highest security, or a twin lock for the convenience of locking two devices to one another.

To help you determine the right lock for you, we grade the level of security provided. 

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Expert level security

Manufactured to exceed industry standards. Tested by multiple third parties under severe and critical conditions.

Superior level security

Manufactured to industry standard requirements. Tested by third parties for their ability to withstand attacks.

A great first line defence

Engineered and tested to exacting industry standards.


Custom Lock Solutions

Kensington is the industry leader in custom locking systems.

Custom keyed products give exactly the level of control that you want over your IT equipment while helping employees safeguard against internal theft and reducing downtime caused by misplaced keys. 

Administrator Access with User Keys

Unique, individual keys for each lock; master key opens all locks

Master Keyed


MicroSaver® DS Ultra Thin – Administrator with User Key

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MicroSaver® – Administrator with User Key

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MicroSaver® Twin – Administrator with User Key

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Shared Access

All locks are alike; all user keys open every lock.

Like Keyed


MicroSaver® DS Ultra Thin – Shared Access

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MicroSaver® – Shared Access

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MicroSaver® Twin – Shared Access

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Administrator Only

All locks are alike; only one master key will open locks. No individual keys provided.

Single Keyed


MicroSaver® DS – Administrator Only

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MicroSaver® – Administrator Only

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MicroSaver® Twin – Administrator Only

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 *Minimum order 25 locks for custom keyed.

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